My name is Nick and I started Beach Front Lax at the age of 13. I live in Southern California and have been playing lacrosse since 2008. I’ve played on many teams including West Coast Starz, RC Starz and Brady’s Bunch.

Early on, I learned how to string my own heads, and eventually began stringing heads for friends and teammates heads as well. I notice that some of them had waxed mesh, that was apparently only available on the east coast. After doing some research, I decided to start my own waxed mesh company on the west coast because there seemed to be a need for it.

I’m a one man show when it comes to this company. I take pride into every single piece that I make.

My product, Beach Front Mesh, is hand dyed and hand waxed. This product is great because it’s water resistant, has consistant hold, has fast and easy break-in, and is scented. I feel the water resistant part of it is the most important. If you’re playing a lacrosse game where it’s muddy and wet, you don’t have to worry about your mesh bagging out because cleaning it off with water won’t ruin it. People always want to know is there any flaking? Almost none, but might notice a few minor flakes, but after a game of pass no more flaking and will be game ready. Having the mesh scented is just an additional perk to Beach Front Mesh. You can pick between ocean breeze scented and vanilla scented. Beach Front Mesh may be the only thing that smells good in the game of lacrosse.

Thanks to my Mom for all of her hard work in helping me start this business. Thank you to my sister, Alexa, for creating our logo and other graphic design work. Thank you to my cousin, Kristina, for all her work in helping me set up my website.

I Hope you like Beach Front Mesh and please give us some feedback. Thanks